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A letter to parents:

Springfield Township High School
1801 Paper Mill Rd.
Erdenheim, PA 19038
June, 2013

Dear Parents:

This site presents the 2012-2013 pre-requisite reading assignment for your child. Teachers will assess this reading during the first week of the semester in which your child takes Language Arts. It is important that students read the pre-requisite book(s) so that they are prepared for their first class. In addition to the assessment, class activities and discussions will link this reading to the course theme and content.

To help as a processing aid and a memory aid, we recommend that students keep a handwritten reading journal that they may use during the assessment. Handwritten notes, graphic organizers, visual representations, responses—any or all of these approaches are already part of our students’ learning strategies and will enhance their comprehension. Teachers have also prepared optional reading guides for each selection. These guides are available in the guidance office or online on the pages of this website (see the grades lists in the left frame). A reading journal and a reading guide are particularly helpful for students who will take their Language Arts course in the second semester.

You can help us by making completion of this task non-negotiable. Work with your child to develop a schedule identifying how many pages or chapters a day or week and when the reading will take place, during the day or in the evening. Follow up to make sure that your child is on schedule. You can also suggest that your child “buddy up” with a friend to read together and talk about what they have read. We encourage you to read the selection so that your child has the opportunity to discuss with you what s/he is reading.

Additionally, we also recommend parents visit CommonSenseMedia.org to learn more about the reading selections. This website provides overviews of novels with attention to potential parental concerns and questions about book selections. Parents and students can also visit the course overviews at the SDST.org webpage found within the 9-12 Language Arts section of the “Curriculum” tab. These overviews provide further insight into the goals, thematic ideas, and enduring understandings that will inform student learning throughout the duration of the course.

We look forward to working with your child during the 2012-2013 school year.


Jennifer McCaslin
High School Language Arts Coordinator

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